Easier Installation

Retrofitting can be challenging and the cost of installing equipment can often exceed the cost of the ballast water treatment system. By removing unnecessary complexity, we have simplified the installation process by integrating the entire treatment process into a single unit. Fewer parts, less connections, no worries.


A Trojan Marinex BWT unit gets lowered through a narrow hatch.One-piece Treatment

Because we've integrated filtration + UV, there's only one treatment unit to design, transport and install on the vessel.

  • Pre-assembled and factory tested before installation reduces time to install
  • No linking of subsystems during installation
  • Eliminates the need for interconnections between filter and UV



Fewer Field Connections

Simplified installation by reducing the number of valves, cables and sensors needed.

  • All cabling on the treatment unit is pre-wired and terminated to a single cabinet, making external connections quick and easy
  • Sensors and internal valves – including drain and fill – are fully integrated into the system
  • Only two supply power interconnections for the entire system



Trojan Marinex BWT system piping and plumbingSimple Plumbing

Smart piping design and one-piece treatment makes integration into your ship's ballast water system straightforward.

  • All valves can be mounted directly on the unit
  • No straight pipe length requirements
  • No interconnections between filter and UV
  • All piping connections are all located on the same side




Less Electrical Cabinets

Because our drivers are connected directly to our lamps, we have eliminated 70% of the cabling - greatly simplifying electrical hookup.

  • Cableless connection between the lamp and driver
  • Eliminates the need for electrical cabinets powering UV lamps – less pieces to install and troubleshoot
  • Specialized cables allow daisy-chain connections between lamps – faster and fail-safe hookup


Skid-mounted Trojan Marinex BWT systemPlug & Play Options

Our ballast water treatment systems that treat lower flow rates can be easily mounted on a skid, making them ideal for newbuild vessels.

  • Treatment unit, electrical cabinets, valves, and meters are all tightly integrated on a single skid
  • Factory-tested and ready for quick installation and commissioning
  • With only five electrical and five piping connections, design and installation is simple


More Reasons Why

Here are a few more reasons why shipowners are selecting the Trojan Marinex Ballast Water Treatment system: