Compliance Confidence

Keeping your system in global compliance long after it has been installed is imperative, and we have incorporated a number of features in our system to help you maintain compliance at all of your ports of call.


International Compliance

As an active participant with both IMO and U.S. Coast Guard regulatory forums, we are uniquely positioned to meet current and pending environmental standards.


TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology has proven operation that extends over 12,000 hours – 10 times longer than competing lamps.Dependable UV

Drawing on deep-rooted expertise and innovation, our UV technology is designed to work every time.

  • Our proprietary TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology has proven operation that extends over 12,000 operating hours – 10 times longer than competing lamps
  • Dedicated in-house laboratory to ensure lamp performance and long-term operation
  • Lamps operate at a consistent 100% power to ensure rapid changes in water quality do not jeopardize compliance


Simple Monitoring

Maintaining operation within safe and approved ranges requires reliable measurements. Our design approach is to provide the best sensor technology available, while keeping controls simple.

  • A single UV Intensity (UVI) sensor for regulatory reporting purposes (compared to 3 to 5 for Electrochlorination systems)
  • Simplified control strategy means less sensors to maintain and calibrate in comparison to other technologies
  • Deployed in a number of UV applications, our UVI sensor is factory-calibrated to the stringent DVGW standard and certified for 10,000 hours of operation


Wide Operational Range

Flexibility to operate in all water qualities and conditions.

  • Approved in all salinities – marine, brackish or fresh water
  • Tested and approved to one of the lowest UV transmittance values in the industry, under full flow conditions
  • Consistent performance in both warm and cold water temperatures (0 - 40°C) and in the poorest of water qualities


More Reasons Why

Here are a few more reasons why shipowners are selecting the Trojan Marinex Ballast Water Treatment system: