Why Trojan Marinex

In-depth research and science, in combination with rigorous product development, has resulted in an environmentally sound, compact ballast water treatment system.

Water Treatment & UV Technology Expertise

Prior to entering the ballast water treatment market, we spent the better part of a decade researching, developing, creating and recreating. During this time we dissected oxidizing and non-oxidizing methods, identifying the various benefits and pitfalls of each. Our scientists and engineers have collaborated with the international community of experts, including scientists at universities in Canada and abroad.

Our contribution has not just been the development of clean technology that renders harmless (without the chemicals) invasive species in ballast water discharge, but also includes fundamental contributions to the understanding of the nature of the species present in ballast water, their susceptibility to treatment, the mechanisms of action against their viability, and the laboratory methodology by which efficacy and compliance can be determined. 

Container Ship6 Reasons Why

The Trojan Marinex Ballast Water Treatment system is ideal for any vessel. Here are six reasons why shipowners around the world are selecting our system: