Drawing on deep-rooted expertise and innovation, the UV technology (i.e., the TrojanUV Solo Lamp) incorporated into the Trojan Marinex BWT system truly is second to none. So too is the degree to which we test and validate its robustness.

To ensure our lamps provide effective performance throughout rigorous marine conditions, we subject them to a battery of efficiency and integrity tests. Here’s a look at a test in which we vibrate a lamp at operating temperature (100°C) and up to 4.0g in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Proprietary UV Lamp Technology

The TrojanUV Solo Lamp combines the best features of both low- and medium-pressure lamps. Features and benefits include:

  • Life expectancy of beyond 12,000 hours of ballast water treatment operation
  • Efficient performance throughout poor water qualities and cold water temperatures
  • Consistently lower power draw, regardless of salinity, temperature or water quality

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