Our ballast water treatment systems are part of Damen’s One-stop BWT Retrofitting Service – a comprehensive service that assists vessel owners in the selection, installation and service of ballast water treatment systems. From selection to surveying, all the way to installation, the holistic solution that they provide helps simplify the process for owners.

Retrofit Solutions

The advantage of the BWT Retrofit Service is that Damen can provide a true one-stop-shop. They have many yard facilities, including 40 dry docks, located around the world. So if a vessel is coming in for its special survey at the point that the installation of a BWT systems becomes mandatory, they can do both at once, providing a single turnkey solution.

Preparation is key for a successful retrofit project, and that’s why Damen is following a well-defined process which includes an on board survey, 3D scanning and engineering. The video below gives a great overview of these capabilities. In it you will see the Trojan Marinex BWT 250 installed in a horizontal configuration.

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